Cruise To Somewhere, Cape Cod

Quick Details

  • 2-3 hours at sea
  • 2 hours ashore

Plan Sea Customized Cape Cod Cruise

This half-day excursion starts at the Cape Cod harbor of your choice then turns into a private cruise before going ashore for a few hours, where you can grab a bite to eat or just explore. Then, cruise back to your pick-up location or get dropped off somewhere else. This Cape Cod charter is completely customizable, so the itinerary is up to you!

One of our most popular itineraries is to board Plan Sea on Cape Cod, cruise and swim in the beautiful waters surrounding the Cape and Vineyard, then go ashore on the Vineyard for a couple hours for shopping, exploring, and partying, and finally returning to the Cape. While there are many ferry options that can transport you to and from the Vineyard, Plan Sea is the only option for getting the party started when you board the boat on Cape Cod. Book your boat and create your own adventure at sea!