Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Shouldn’t I wait for the weather forecast to book?
  • No. We close online reservations within 48 hours of departure since we need to schedule crew. Many reservations are made months in advance – especially in our busy season (July & August).

    Typically, the weather forecasts in this area are very inaccurate beyond 24 hours. The main thing we watch for are wind forecasts since even with a little rain, passengers still enjoy the cruise inside our pilothouse with large windows and heat. 

    Although we make every effort to accommodate last-minute requests, we have to turn down many requests. You should book as soon as your plans are firm since the deposit is fully refundable if the weather is bad and we can’t arrange another mutually convenient time.

  • Chevron down Tips on Booking
    • You can save money by booking Weekends and Evenings rather than Weekdays on many private charters
    • The only public, by-the-seat cruise is the sunset cruise
    • Click on the “Book Now” buttons to search availability, cruise options and pricing
    • If you don’t see the perfect cruise option, use the Contact Us form to let us know what you would like.
  • Chevron down How many people can Plan Sea carry?
  • Plan Sea is a U.S. Coast Guard-inspected commercial passenger vessel and is permitted to carry up to 22 passengers and two crew. For most cruises, we have limited the number of passengers to 18 or fewer so that our guests are more comfortable and less crowded.

    If your group is more than the stated capacity, but less than 22, we will attempt to accommodate special requests –– especially for groups who weigh on average less than 185 pounds.

  • Chevron down May we bring our own food and drink aboard?
  • Yes, please do. We supply bottled water.  Bring your own alcoholic beverages and food. No red wine, please.

  • Chevron down How would you describe the boat?
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The slideshow to the right shows how much room there is on board. Plenty of room for 12 people inside the heated pilothouse with large windows and great views and another 12 people outside on the aft deck.

    More Details

    The boat is a 35-foot long vessel that is a classic New England boat. She is a Downeast lobster yacht style boat built in Maine. The 350HP turbocharged diesel engine allows the motor vessel to cruise at 11 knots or 12.5 MPH. The Downeast-style hull is very seaworthy and provides a soft ride in most sea conditions. These boats have proven to be efficient and safe during their years of service in the ocean off the Maine coast.

    There is a bathroom, wet bar, dining table, and cooler for guest use. The mahogany and teak-trimmed interior has loungy, comfortable seats.

    Before we purchased and renamed the vessel Plan Sea in 2014, she served as the offshore research vessel, Indigo, for the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. We have completely retrofit the vessel with beautiful new furniture and wood to give her that yacht-like feel.

  • Chevron down Is she handicap accessible?
  • The vessel is not handicap accessible. Depending upon the dock and tides, there may be up to a three-foot difference between the boat deck and dock height.  Aboard the boat, there are steps to get to the bathroom.

  • Chevron down Worried about seasickness?
  • Captain Dave: My wife really gets seasick! I’ve always said that if she gazes at a watercolor painting for too long she gets nauseous. I’ve even felt seasick – even though I grew up on boats. There is no worse feeling and I will help you avoid this. During our 30 years of marriage I’ve had to learn how to drive the boat and avoid certain conditions that get her nauseous.

    If you or your party are concerned about seasickness, let me know before the voyage. We will plan a trip that will avoid this discomfort. If you start to feel nauseous during the cruise, let the crew know immediately and we will help you. In hundreds of voyages and thousands of passengers, we’ve only had one passenger vomit.

    Don’t let a bad experience in the past keep you from enjoying a day at sea with your group.

  • Chevron down Does Plan Sea do fishing excursions?
  • Plan Sea is not outfitted for fishing trips. She has been re-designed and built to be a luxury Downeast luxury passenger vessel for your cruising and partying comfort. She’s the perfect vessel for day trips to the Vineyard, Nantucket, and evening sunset cruises!

    On very rare occasions we can do some very casual fishing during your private cruise. We are sympathetic to parents who would like to have their kids try fishing. We prefer catch-and-release in order to preserve the fishery.

  • Chevron down Is Plan Sea safe?
  • The vessel is U.S. Coast Guard-inspected and holds a certificate for up to 22 passengers and two crew. The Coast Guard inspects the vessel at least annually.

    She has all the required safety apparatus, plus additional equipment including: 30 life jackets, a 25-person Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus (life raft), two marine radios with Digital Selective Calling(DSC) for the Global Maritime Distress Safety System, two radars, EPIRB, three chart plotter GPS units, an Automatic Identification System (AIS), 10,000 gallon-per-hour pump capacity and more.

    The bottom line is that we have made every effort to make the vessel as safe as possible through equipment, planned maintenance, and crew training. The Captain is a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed Master Captain. The crew is enrolled in a random drug testing program. No drugs are allowed on the vessel.

  • Chevron down Are children required to wear PFD life vests while on board?
  • Children are not required to wear PFD lifejackets while aboard Plan Sea since she is an inspected vessel (like the ferry). We are required to carry child PFDs on board. You are welcome to bring your own or use ours and put them on your children should you so choose.

  • Chevron down What should we bring?
  • There are a few things that you may want to bring to make yourself as comfortable as possible on the luxury passenger vessel. Once you are away from the dock, there is no going back if you happen to forget something important. Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything:

    • Boating on Cape Cod the weather can change quickly – bring a windbreaker or additional layers in case you get cold or it rains
    • Wear a swimming suit or you may change in the cabin
    • Beach towels for after swimming.
    • Sunscreen lotion is fine. NO SPRAY SUNSCREEN is allowed on the boat. Please use towels to protect cushions from sun-screened bodies
    • Hat and sunglasses
    • Seasickness medication Bonine to be taken 1 hour before departure
    • Towel(s)
    • Food and beverages, including beer and white wine in reasonable quantities. No RED wine
    • There is a large cooler on board. Free bottled water. Bring your own ice cubes.
    • Please do not bring much stuff as storage is limited on board
    • Child PFD life vests. Optional – see above
    • iPod, iPad, Android, or a smartphone to share music – we have a variety of cables and Bluetooth. Remember to DOWNLOAD music since cell service can be spotty at sea!
  • Chevron down Are we allowed to possess or use drugs aboard the vessel?
  • Plan Sea is regulated by the US Coast Guard. Any drugs that are illegal federally are strictly prohibited aboard the vessel. For example, marijuana may be legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but the vessel could be confiscated by the federal government if marijuana is brought on board. The cruise will end and passengers will be dropped off in the closest harbor with no refund if illegal drugs are found. All crew members are in a random drug testing program.

  • Chevron down Is gratuity included?
  • We saw this announcement posted in a Provincetown launch: “This boat may tip over, but it is impossible to over-tip.” It is traditional to tip the crew between 15% and 25%. We added an option to include a gratuity in the original booking fee and customers appreciate the convenience. Of course, cash is always welcome at the end of the voyage.

  • Chevron down Getting to the Cruise On Time
  • You must arrive at the dock at least ten(10) minutes before the scheduled departure. These docks are extremely busy and we approach the dock only after we know the group is waiting. As soon as everyone is safely on board we leave the dock to let other vessels load.

    Make sure you know where the pickup location is before the day of the cruise. Parking is always a challenge so leave plenty of time to find a legal space. Our email confirmation messages usually have instructions.

  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy
  • Of course, we hope that a cancellation is not necessary, but just in case, here is our policy:

    50% refund if cancellation is made after confirmation but prior to 48 hours before scheduled departure. Entire payment is forfeited if cancellation is made within 48 hours.

    100% refund if the Captain cancels due to weather or mechanical issues and a convenient alternate time cannot be found.